This is the new way of participating to a game night!

Why register?

  • Once you have registered you will automaticly get invited to the “invite only” xbox party
  • Now we know how many are going to participate and we keep control over the amount of players (When above 16 things will get tricky)
  • You have a chance of winning the monthly discord award.
  • You can opt out any time.

Is registrating needed? 

Yes, to keep track of everything registrating is needed to take part in the event and we can invite you for game night.

What if i can’t come to the event?

You can always opt out of the event using your discord tag. It is the button next to the “Register” button. which says: Allready Registered?

How do we all benefit from this?

It will be easier to have full lobies at events, and if there are over 16 people, we could go with 2 events at the same time. This way everyone gets to play together. Now it also is possible to punish people on behaviour in game (By not letting them participate in the next gamenight once misbehaved), to make the game nights more fun overall.

I have another question?

Please feel free to contact @Chief_Thomas117#9868 . His dm’s are open.